It is summer already and we all love to wear sunglasses. They are chic, they make you look classy, a little mysterious, they protect you. They protect your eyes from the damaging sun rays if you wear them always and if they have the right UV protection. Just because the day is cloudy, you see no sun, windy or cold, you are still exposing your eyes to the damaging UV rays.

So how to clean your sunglasses without damaging them? 

It is more than sure you don’t want to damage the protective filter on your sunglasses especially when you spent a nice amount for them. Most people just blow warm air from their mouth and just wipe their sunglasses on their t-shirt. Well that is far away from cleaning them, you just spread all dirt over your glasses. The breath is making the glasses damp which is not good, then wiping them on your t-shirt, which can be covered with dust, or can be made from a hard material that can scratch your sunglasses.

Clean Sunglasses

One good way to clean your sunglasses is with wet towels which you can buy from an optic store. There they will advise you also which one is better for your glasses. Only bad thing is – they are a bit pricey. But hey – if you spent so much money on buying nice sunglasses what is then some extra cash spent for maintaining them in good condition?

Other option is the little towel you get when buying the glasses. But after the first 10 times used, the towel just doesn’t clean your glasses as before.

The third option is cleaning your sunglasses with a gentle soap and water. Make sure you don’t use an aggressive soap with a lot chemicals. Go natural! Use also cool water. Never use warm, hot or too cold water.

Clean sunglass

The last important tip from us to never put your glasses over your head. They can get dirty from your hair spray, they can get oily from your hair or get covered with hair sebum.

Love your sunglasses! They protect you, do the same for them.

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