We have a new category in our website – Library. I really hope there is no home without one of those. The library for me is the place where all worlds connect and collide together to create one, more colorful and playful day life. Creating a library is not so hard actually – you can set one in your office by adding some extra shelves on the wall next to the computer, or buy a book shelf (small or big, there is no judgement), put a special nightstand next to your bed and fill it with books. The library will definitely make your house look more cozy and welcoming.

The book, that I will start this new category with, is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Why? First of all – this is the book I’ve just finished. Second – because it is awesome (if you can call a novel about the time of Nazi Germany and the awful destiny of the Jews “awesome”). I would say it like that – the way the story is presented to the readers, its depth, the way the charters are created, build on and developed, the way the sky even is – that is the reason to give it a try and read it.

the book thief

A quick word about Markus Zusak - born and raised in Sydney, Australia, author of 6 books (for now, not sure if his new book Bridge of Clay is out yet) and an international bestseller.

I’ve decided not to add spoilers in this review, only some thoughts about the novel. When I started it, I didn’t really like the story-telling style that it was used. Honestly, if I had picked this book in a book store and read couple of sentences from the first page, I would not buy it. It gave me a headache, the beginning was nothing but boring and disappointing. I didn’t like the idea of the death itself to tell story, it felt cheap and empty. But that changed around the 20th page. When the story of Liesel began, I got more and more involved in her world of pain, sorrow, inner fights, troubles and love. Now is а good time to mention that this is a Historical fiction

The Holocaust is indeed not a happy thing to write about, neither is to read. Normally you read books over this theme where the main character is a Jew person, while here is different – it focuses on the life of a German girl and her family and friends. On one hand – some are PRO, on other – AGAINST Hitler and his maniac way of seeing life. I like how the author says that if there were no words, then no one would follow Hitler, that is all started as a propaganda and brain washing, but the base of all that are the words. The thoughts of Liesel are at some point also controversial – loving the words for they’ve given us books, or hating them – for creating one hideous war.

One last thing – by the ending of the book I needed a lot of tissues to dry my tears and nose. While predicting how it may end and preparing myself for it, one of the final words describing the last scenes really moved me and left my heart broken.

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